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Loving our enemies through prayer

Loving our enemies through prayer

by Frank King


If you’ve spent much time on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly discovered there’s a lot of anger, disrespect and hate out there.

These sites seem rife with people who are disgusted at the state of the world. And they’re not above slinging mud with anyone who disagrees.

Sometimes, serious Christians are among those people. We see the trends, hear the words of politicians and special interest groups, and are horrified. Among the most upsetting developments for many Christ followers are:

• The federal government insisting any charitable organization applying for a grant to hire summer students must agree to the Liberal party’s policy of protecting women’s “reproductive rights”. That’s code for abortion.

• The Alberta government forbidding schools from telling parents their child has joined a “gay-straight alliance” without the child’s consent, regardless of the child’s age.

• The continuing pressure on Christian medical professionals who refuse to participate in euthanasia. In many places, these professionals are forced to refer people to doctors who will help them commit suicide.

These are hot-button issues for people who follow Christ. And even for some people who don’t. Often these views are so strongly held that they become insults, profanities and threats on social media.

I’m one of those believers who is desperately concerned about Canada’s embrace of moral relativism. So I’m tempted to go to war on Facebook and battle anyone who disagrees. With just a few minor and brief exceptions, I thank God that I’ve resisted that temptation.

Christ commands His followers to be mature, thoughtful bearers of His light. This means we can disagree with government policies without insulting the prime minister and the premier. We can read up on issues, then use our brains to offer alternatives to viewpoints and policies that go against God’s moral standards.

Most of all, we can pray for those who stand for everything that horrifies us. That means lifting up Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley because 1 Timothy 2:2 tells us we should “pray for rulers and for all who have authority.” And we should do so with kindness; God loves them as much as us and offers them the same gift He offered us: Christ’s love, compassion and eternal salvation.

Views expressed by Frank King in this column are his own and do not reflect on his role as manager of media relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and Samaritan’s Purse Canada.