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Prayer, a cornerstone of unshakable faith

Prayer, a cornerstone of unshakable faith

by Lily Mtongwiza


There is power in prayer. Prayer is the second of the four cornerstones of faith life that include tithing, personal Bible reading, and weekly church service attendance and fellowship.

When we pray, we create an opportunity.

Prayer is essential to building a relationship with God. It is the primary way in which we can communicate with Him. We are instructed to pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

God must consider it to be essential to our daily life. When we pray, we create opportunities to talk to God, to get answers, and to develop a deeper relationship with Him. Spending just a few minutes in the morning talking to your Maker has the power to change the course of our day. This is the only activity that I can think of that buffers us from the full impact of the brutalities that the day might throw our way. When we pray, we have an opportunity to put on the armour of God. We shield ourselves from the fiery darts of the enemy.

Prayer protects you.

Even when you’re busy, distracted and down, your prayers help keep you in alignment with the will of God.

In prayer, you have the chance to help someone you might be unable assist in any other way. And although you might like to be by the side of an ailing friend, a dying parent or a struggling sibling, nothing you could do for them physically compares to what you can do for them spiritually when you intercede on their behalf.

When you combine the power of prayer with the word of God, you have a double-edged sword in your hands because you’re not only speaking life, but the life of the word of God is speaking in you. When you make the decision to get into the word of God, God gets into you. And He will transform you from the inside out, into a person of prayer.

If you struggle with developing a daily habit of prayer, try three things.

Write them down.

Be very specific when you’re talking to God. He has invited us to come boldly before the throne of grace. Come prepared with your list of things that are on your heart.

Here are a few things you might like to jot down.

• Your top three needs.

• The top three things you’re stressed about.

• One miracle that you’re believing for.

• A need that your family, friends or neighbour has.

• One thing you need to make a decision about.

You can also write down the needs of the people you’re praying for. Keep a list of prayers for each person, which could include their salvation, basic needs, miracles or help.

When you make prayer a priority, you breathe life into everything you do. So instead of just wishing for change and hoping for a miracle, why not pray it through?

Find a meeting place

It can very helpful to have a special place to go and meet with God. Set aside a special time, perhaps in the evening with the phone turned off, perhaps a lit candle for ambiance, sit quietly with bible and notebooks, and enjoy a cup of tea with God. I would highly recommend this.

If you have children running around this can be harder to do. Often, me and my crew show up at the meeting place with crayons and cheese strings.

Finding a meeting place is a personal thing and it will change with the seasons of life. For some it will be sitting down at the kitchen table, some will kneel at the foot of the bed. Others will talk to God on the back porch as the sun sets and mothers will pray while washing dishes at the kitchen sink.

It’s all about what’s going on on the inside. Pick a place and set a time and be there.

Track your testimonies

Finally, keep track of your testimonies. God is doing so many great things in your life, but too often we miss them because we’re just not looking. If you begin to keep a daily or weekly record of everything God is up to in your life you will quickly begin to realize that He is doing much more then you originally suspected.

God wants to be exalted. When we pray and create an opportunity for Him to move and be glorified in our lives, we participate in His plan for Him to reveal Himself to the world.

Through the different situations in our lives. The ups and downs. God has purposed for everything to work according to his good plan for us. By keeping track of what God is up to we will cultivate a heart of gratitude. We will feel His presence in our lives and we will know His goodness and mercy is ever for us and that He himself is for us.


Lily Mtongwiza is a church planter and co-pastor, with her husband Lovingson, of Miracle Arena for all Nations church in Edmonton. This article has been edited and reprinted with permission from her website at