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Ask God to show you the next step

Ask God to show you the next step

by Caroline Georgieff


That is the question that was asked by the sweetest stranger I have ever met.  This treasured older sister overheard me talking with a couple of ladies in Sunday class as I shared a personal struggle with them. She then followed the Lord’s prompting to approach me.  

She explained I could trust Jesus to illuminate the next step and that I don’t have to know the complete plan, just that one step. He will reveal each step in His perfect timing.  I did feel a bit foolish as I admitted that I have never asked God this question.  I was also relieved to hear that I just needed to focus on “What’s next, God?” It is so easy for me to come up with my own plans and ideas, with a bit of advice from wise friends.  I forget I can ask the Lord to guide me in all things. Not just the occasional ‘freak-me-out’ stuff, but everything.

I wish I could tell you that I jumped for joy when He revealed that next step to me, but the truth is, I was terrified as I walked into a prison for the first time. “Lord, what am I going to say to these ladies?” The answer was, “Just tell them that they are loved and I will do the rest.” It was during this adventure that I learned we are all imprisoned in some way. For many of us though, the bars are not so obvious. 

The next step was a leap for me as I again wondered if the Lord knew what He was doing. The Lord gave me the privilege of serving on staff at a local church as the Compassionate Care Coordinator. When I started this work my thoughts were, “Lord, many of these people are much more knowledgeable and experienced Christians than I am. What do you want me to do and say?”  The answer was, “Just tell them that they are loved and I will do the rest.” It was during this season of my journey that those ‘not so obvious’ bars were becoming more evident. I was naive enough to think that ministering to fellow Christians would be boring compared to inmates.  That was not to be the case.

I have learned that there is a world of hurt wandering around our church foyers every Sunday.  I watch people do the stained-glass masquerade. You know what it looks like; we put on the Sunday morning smile and greet everyone with “Hello, how are you?”… Oh, me – I’m fine, thanks for asking”…. “Have a great week”… followed by more smiles. I have done it, more than once.  

We really do not know the thoughts that are going through the minds of the people in the pews. We only know small portions of the struggles and temptations they are dealing with everyday.  The more I get to know my brothers and sisters, the more confirmation I receive that our churches are in need of assistance in the area of healing and discipleship ministry.  So, I was again asking God to show me the next step.  The answer, again, “Tell people I love them and I will do the rest.” The rest turned out to be a ministry known as Freedom Session.

 I have personally taken the Freedom Session program three times.  And yes, I needed all three of them.  There were lots of little surprising revelations along the way.  After personally experiencing the inconceivable freedom of Jesus, my heart began to yearn for everyone to know Him personally and more intimately than can possibly be imagined.

This ministry has not only changed my life, but is currently changing the lives of countless others across Canada and the United States.  People are digging deeper into meaningful and fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have been learning the true significance of discipleship. How to take the log out of our own eyes so we can lovingly help others take the speck out of theirs. As we begin to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, it becomes easier to see others through the same gracious lens.

So, recently I was back asking; “Lord, what is the next step?”  This time, He led me to become the Canadian Director for Freedom Session.  The desire is exactly the same, except bigger, much bigger!   As I talk with pastors and leaders across Canada, it is clear that satan has been busy.  There are many folks out there who need to know the chains of guilt, shame and past wounds can be broken.  We can help others see they are not the names they have called themselves: damaged goods, failure, unwanted, a mistake, sex addict, liar, perfectionist, abuse survivor, loser, unforgiveable, unlovable, not good enough. 

The good news is when Jesus looks at you, those are not the names he has for you.  He wants to reveal who you really are, and not just say “Hello, how are you today?”  I encourage you to ask God: What is the next step in my journey? Our team at Freedom Session would love to be part of it. Look for a Freedom Session near you this fall, or contact us about starting one in your church.  

Caroline Georgieff is the Canadian Director forFreedom Session,