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Stan Squires at 94, strength restored after Kish’s treatments

Stan Squires at 94, strength restored after Kish’s treatments

by Laureen F. Guenther


Stan Squires of Calgary just celebrated his 94th birthday, he lives independently in his own house, and still has – and uses – a driver’s license.

“I go to church twice on Sunday, once Thursday evening,” he says, “and people say, ‘Are you sure of your age?’ I say, ‘I know what I am.’ I’m 94, and I don’t feel 94.”

Squires’ wife Ada passed away in 2010, but Squires still enjoys close relationships with his three daughters, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

When telling stories of his long life, Squires credits God for providing for him and his family, and for bringing medical help just when he needed it. In fall 2017, Squires was enjoying fairly good health, though he wasn’t as strong as he had been. He needed a multi-tipped cane for walking, even short distances. When he went to the mall, he’d park as close as possible to the door, walk inside to the nearest bench, then rest a few minutes before walking another short distance.

One of his friends has been seeing Robert Kish for health treatments for several years, and she’d often suggested that Squires see Kish too. But Squires teased her that he didn’t need any more advice. He was in pretty good health for a man in his 90s. That was enough.

Then one day, when he was walking inside his house, he fell. “It seemed as if my left leg was just collapsing,” he says. “The first couple of times, I said, well, I was careless or something, and I was able to get myself up.”

But he fell three more times that day.

“The fourth time, even though I lay on the floor and I was laughing to myself, I had hurt myself. … My foot hit the side of the doorjamb, and I really bruised it. So then I decided there must be some reason I’m losing my balance.”

He decided it was time to see Robert Kish. He saw Kish for the first time in October 2017. Kish examined Squires’ blood and asked numerous questions. After just one appointment, Kish could tell Squires what he needed. He prescribed ten different vitamins, which Squires still takes daily.

He also suggested Squires sleep in a bedroom farther away from the breaker box than his current bedroom. Kish recommended Squires also carry a harmonizer when he leaves home. The size of a pack of cards, the harmonizer is designed to restores one’s body to harmony with the earth wave.

Now Squires’ health is much better. He says he sleeps much better in the bedroom farther from the breaker box.

He no longer needs a cane, except when walking very long distances. And since he fell four times in one day, Squires hasn’t fallen at all. But he doesn’t take his good health for granted, nor does he want to keep it to himself.

“I keep asking myself, why is God keeping me so well, so long?” he says. “There must be a reason.”

While he continues to live out God’s purpose, Squires trusts Kish’s advice for maintaining his health. He says, “I would highly recommend anybody that has health problems of a walking or standing (nature), Mr. Kish can help you.”