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Men, it’s time

by Jack Taylor


How does a South African potato farmer named Angus Buchan get 400,000 men together in a field to pray? How does his true-life story get made into a movie (2006 – Faith like Potatoes), seen by more than 400 million people in 17 languages? Why would he come to lead the first Mighty Men Canada Campaign in Castlegar, BC? And why would Irish worship leader Robin Mark (Days of Elijah) partner with him to make this a reality?

The farmer turned evangelist is stepping away in the middle of 32 campaigns for his Shalom ministries in South Africa because God prompted him to come. His yellow semi-trailer truck, filled with Bibles, travels the roads to bring his energetic, evangelistic, healing ministry to the men of his nation. Now, after successful campaigns in Australia, England and the United States, he will park it for a few days and bring his powerful prayer ministry to find new roads in this nation.

Trapped in a deep depression, Angus Buchan met Jesus on February 18, 1979, as did his wife and children. God worked powerfully to help them turn 3,000 acres of wasteland into a productive farm. Angus and his wife, Jill, still live in their original mud brick home.

One stormy night, lightning struck a Zulu woman. The other workers called on him to prove God’s power. Through his prayer, the woman raised up and still lives. His prayer for a Muslim cripple penetrated the Islamic community and sparked a mini-revival among that group. His first meeting at his farm drew 240 men in 2003, but by 2010 he was welcoming 400,000 for a weekend. Jeff Zak, organizer for the Castlegar event, is a spiritual son to Buchan. Having seen the potato farmer turned evangelist in action in his home country, he welcomed the prayer warrior to his congregation in Nelson, BC in 2012. The town drunk gave his life to Christ and is now serving with the Salvation Army. Zak says “we’re standing with Jesus for our families, our churches, our communities and our nation. We seek to become all God has called us to be as men in this hour. It’s all about the family.”

All fathers, sons and grandfathers are invited to the June 28-30 weekend at the Pass Creek Fairgrounds, Castlegar, BC for the ‘It’s Time Canada’ rally. Wives are welcome on Sunday morning at no cost. Camping is available for all who come. For more information go to or contact Jeff Zak at (250) 352-5007.

Buchan has faced pushback from LGBTQ advocates and feminists for his unapologetic promotion of traditional heterosexual marriage and male headship in the home. He has also gathered naysayers and skeptics for some of his healings and meteorological happenings – particularly in Ein Gedi, which he compares to a Pentecost event. In response, he points to the numerous YouTube clips featuring the events live.

After significant meetings in Ein Gedi, Israel, Buchan writes: “My dear friend, I have no doubt whatsoever that the Holy Spirit visited us. I want to tell you that never again will I apologize for the presence of the Holy Spirit. He will be pre-eminent in all my meetings, in all my conversations and in everything I do. I firmly believe that we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and I firmly believe that the evidence is speaking in a beautiful language. If it is possible for a man to be born again, again then that’s what happened to me. I am so filled with the joy of the Lord; I am so at peace, I have so much confidence. I want to encourage you to allow Him to fill you with His Spirit; He is standing at the door, Revelation 3:20, and He is knocking. I have no cause to tell you a lie. I want to tell you that He is alive and that He is well. Give the Holy Spirit place in your life and He will bless you.”

Zak says few Canadians had heard of Buchan in 2012 when he first started promoting the Mighty Men campaign. Even the leaders of Promise Keepers weren’t aware of the movement sweeping South Africa. Now, through the distribution of the Faith Like Potatoes movie, there are few who haven’t. Mighty Men is a grassroots movement fueled by volunteers from the ground up. So far, men from as far away as Arkansas, Nepal, England and Romania have already stepped up to register.

The cost for the weekend of meetings is $24.75 US on iTickets. Food vendors and some hotel rooms are available but Zak encourages participants to bring their own chairs, their own food and camping gear, if possible.

“It’s not the numbers or the magnitude of men for either Buchan or Robin Mark,” Zak says. “It’s bringing God’s message to men and helping them deal with repentance. I’ve seen thousands of men come to Christ in Asia and Africa. I’m motivated because I’ve seen Jesus find men who were lost. I’ve seen men recommit their lives and step out into ministries in their homes and in their businesses.”

When asked about those who might be skeptical, Zak says that “when people put down their differences, God follows with blessings. The miracles are not the focus of the event. Men getting right with God is the focus. Angus will say a general prayer for men to be forgiven, to be healed of depression, to be healed of physical disease and these things happen. More than ever, men in Canada need encouragement to be all that God has called them to be. If our hearts turn to God this is a time for renewal and repentance. You can’t bypass repentance. We don’t hear this anymore. Angus can show us how to repent and the benefits are worth it.”

Spending a few minutes on YouTube, checking out Angus Buchan, will help you in deciding whether this summer’s event is worth booking time for. You may find it hard to stop watching once you get started.