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Unveil Studios releases Dream film series pilot

Unveil Studios releases Dream film series pilot

by Laureen F. Guenther


“If anything is possible, what dream would you build your life upon?”

That’s the question asked – and answered by people in four different countries – in the new film series Dream, produced by Unveil Studios. The series pilot will premiere in Red Deer, June 14.

“We believe everyone has dreams,” says Dream director Daniel Kooman. “Dream follows nine inspiring stories of children, women and men from around the world, pursuing their unique dreams.”

The series includes a feature-length pilot and six additional episodes, filmed in Tabora, Tanzania; Mexico City, Mexico; San Diego and Portland, U.S.A.; and Red Deer, Vancouver Island and Vancouver, Canada.

Brothers Matthew and Daniel Kooman, owners of Unveil Studios with brother Andrew Kooman, co-directed, filmed and edited each episode.

The Dream series began long ago, long before the Koomans dreamed of making films about people’s dreams. Perhaps it began in 2006, when Daniel Kooman took his first annual humanitarian trip to Tanzania.

“During my first trip there,” Kooman says, “we met two street kids who were orphans. By capturing their story and sharing it with people back home, we were able to build them and another family a home and provide for some of their immediate needs. Over the years, as we continued spending time together, we became like family.”

When the Tanzanian family’s immediate needs were met, the Koomans began to ask themselves what else the family might dream of.

“What were the dreams on their hearts?” Kooman asked. “Do they dream for the future? Do they know how to dream?”

It inspired him, he says, to find a way to talk with the family about dreaming, and to help them envision a “beautiful picture for the future.”

That family’s story is just one of nine stories told in the Dream series. Each episode features someone “who exemplifies the pursuit of a dream or inspires us to dream in one way or another.”

The people featured in Dream “were either people we had met in the last number of years who inspired us, or people we reached out to because we felt their stories needed to be in Dream,” Kooman says. “Our vision was to find stories that combined a lifelong dream with a purpose bigger than one’s self.”

Another Dream story is about Grammy-nominated artists Bryan and Katie Torwalt.

“Their smash hits include “Holy Spirit” which has been recorded numerous times and won a Grammy Award for the performance by Francesca Battistelli,” Kooman said. “The Torwalts take the filmmakers on tour across America, where the balance of performing at shows and connecting with an audience nationwide becomes a greater challenge as parents of a newborn … (It’s) a story about how faithfulness and excellence will lead you to your purpose.”

The story of musician Robb Nash is also told in Dream.

“Robb Nash was in a bone-shattering collision at 17 years old,” Kooman says. “His skull was crushed, and medics pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident.” After massive medical intervention, Robb Nash “woke up” – to face a great deal of loss and pain.

“Bitter from the loss of his dream to be a successful musician,” Kooman says, “and reeling from the pain of recovery, Robb eventually found that his purpose was to inspire people, particularly youth, and talk about mental health through his music.”

More than 800 of his concertgoers have handed Robb Nash their own suicide notes, Kooman says, because they changed their plans after hearing Nash inspire them to live their lives fully.

The premiere screening of the Dream pilot will be at the Welikoklad Event Centre in Red Deer, June 14, with one showing at 6:15 pm and another at 8 pm. It will also be screened in Leduc, Alberta on June 18 and Courtenay, BC on June 21. Kooman also invites individuals and groups to contact Unveil to arrange Dream screenings in their own churches and communities.

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