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Learning to hear God’s voice

Learning to hear God’s voice

by Katie Pearn


Have you ever wanted to be able to better discern God’s voice in your life? To distinguish His, from the many competing voices and thoughts we come across daily? Then the Deeper: Learning to Hear God’s Voice for Yourself and Others course may be the next step for you.

“Deeper is a ministry helping people hear God’s voice for themselves,” says Greg Grunau, Pastor of Spiritual Development at Centre Street Church. “People ask, is God really speaking specifically to me? How do we know it’s God’s voice and not my voice, or the enemy’s voice, and helping people wrestle through that.”

All lessons, which were designed by Deanna Oelke, are rooted in scripture, and give participants opportunities to practically engage with God through worship experiences, biblically-based teaching and practice. The first semester of the course is spent helping people hear God’s voice for themselves, and then from January on, attendees explore how God uses us to speak to others.

“There is time for teaching, Q and A, interacting, sharing and discussing in small groups with facilitators and other times where the whole class will do an exercise together as a group,” says Grunau. “On any given night you’re going to get a variety of ways of learning about and listening to, and talking with others and practicing with others about hearing God’s voice.”

People who have taken Deeper appreciate the practical tools for how to pray with others and discern God’s voice in that process and are often surprised by how much God speaks to them, and the ways He chooses to speak. Grunau has personally experienced Deeper as a participant, and was surprised by this as well.

“I had no idea God liked to give me pictures and visuals because I tend to be a word person. I’m comfortable and familiar with reading the Bible and writing out a sermon or a teaching. So it was really a surprise for God to give me pictures, and sometimes they were clearly for me, and other times it was really clearly for another person.”

While the practice of intentionally listening for God’s voice and learning how to discern it may be new for many, Grunau notes that it all comes back to a personal relationship with Jesus.

“It’s aptly named because it’s not about something brand new, it’s about Jesus and hearing His voice in relationship with Him and going deeper into that and experiencing the ‘more’ that he has for you,” he says. “Jesus says he has more than you can ask or imagine in Ephesians, and he has that for us and we start to experience that.”

Classes begin on Thursday, Sept 19 and continue two to three times a month until May 7. Sessions run from 6:45 – 9:30 pm in the Connection Hall at the West Campus of Centre Street Church in Calgary. The cost to attend is $90. You can register by Sept. 5 at

The classes are open to all, but it does help to come with some biblical foundation because then your discernment is biblically-based.

If you are unable to attend the classes, you can purchase the Deeper workbook or Oelke’s book “Deeper: Heart to Heart with Holy Spirit” from