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Rivers International Christian College: a college on the uprise

Rivers International Christian College: a college on the uprise

by Cheryl B. Edwards


In accordance with 2 Timothy 2:15; Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (KJV).

At Rivers International Christian College, their mission is for every student to be able to divide the word of truth. Rivers International Christian College is a place where students can gain in-depth knowledge of the word of God. It was founded by Dr. R. Springett, whose goal was to carry out a vision in helping believers to recognize the call of God on their lives. With a base in Toronto, Ontario, Rivers International Christian College has planted 35 campuses internationally, including Edmonton.

Ingrid Belle is the Senior Pastor of Living Life House of God Ministries in Edmonton, Alberta, and the director and facilitator of the Edmonton south campus. Belle is a leader, teacher and a visionary whose vision is to transform believers into disciples so that they can go forward in fulfilling the commission work of God. She suggested that in order to achieve that, she has four main objectives: an education plan, to teach, to preach, and to motivate the students.

Rivers International Christian College recently honoured Belle with the Deans of Colleges award and a Master of Theology at their graduation ceremony in July 2019. Her class started out with three students and she presently has 12 students ranging from 25 to 70 years of age. Four of her students graduated, one with a valedictorian distinction. Belle appreciates most to see the transformation of her students by the Holy Spirit to become more knowledgeable through the word of God.

Springett and Belle both share a commonality to teach, enlighten and to empower. Rivers International Christian College structures their programs in in-depth training, while streamlining their programs to offer a solid foundation of faith, to engage in spiritual warfare and to learn who the Holy Spirit is. She stated that in obtaining a Theological degree, students can be qualified to operate in their local church as a pastor, teacher, youth counselor or an evangelist. Belle says, “in order to be able to teach my students effectively, I must study to prepare myself to gain understanding and revelation knowledge from the Lord; so that my students will gain understanding from each lesson.” Her core value is to ensure that each student is well-learned and not just to focus on their grades.

This is her first time teaching at a college level, she says, “my only desire is to be a conduit to provide the material, while the Holy Spirit is the teacher operating in and through me, propelling students to fulfill the call of God on their life. I believe that students who are driven to succeed, and who have the desire to learn, can advance to higher heights.” Belle believes age is just a number, one is never too old to learn.

For more information on Rivers International Christian College, Edmonton Hub please contact Pastor Ingrid Belle at 780-984-8086, located at 5219-87 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5L5.