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Is He Worthy?


by Pastor Syd Bergsma


It was a strange feeling, after 24 consecutive years of driving teens (and adults) to Mexico for our church’s annual mission’s awareness trip, I was sitting across from my successor asking, “How did it go?” The last trip I took in 2018 was 100,000 km. Yes, I am a little strange, 100,000 km of sitting in vans with teenagers listening, laughing and enjoying them, had been the highlight of my year for as long as I could remember.

Before this trip, we had had a few conversations…me, the old guy having just finished 27 years of youth ministry in the same church, encouraging my young successor, who had many more years to live before he would turn 27. He was looking for direction and struggling with inherited expectations of ongoing Mexico trips; I had encouraged him to find his voice. What was God telling him? What grabbed his heart and motivated him? Don’t be stuck feeling like you inherited something that wasn’t a fit, I had told him!

So here we sat just a few days after his return, his eyes were alive with energy, excitement, and life. He had initiated this coffee; it had sounded urgent that we meet ASAP. Before I could ask how the trip was, he blurts out “I’m going!” Going to where? I’m going to… He names a country where there was little to no witness for Christ. A country that holds a very different worldview and faith system. A country that many have never heard of and few can find on a map. Yet, somehow in the last two weeks, God had pounded a passion into his heart for this country as he had physically pounded nails into chipboard in the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico. He had been on these trips numerous times before, yet this time it was different.

Now here we sat, me once again blown away by God’s gracious and loving hand moving gently but firmly directing a willing heart towards his divine purposes…you purchased people for God by your blood from every tribe and language and people and nation (Rev. 5:9). God had done the heart work, now he was doing his homework… this was going to be a tough, long road just to get there. The cost has already been high. Degree number two will be starting soon, a mission agency has been engaged, an entry strategy is coming into focus, mentors have been talked to and put in place.

And here I sit, the same question I asked many years ago, “Is He Worthy?” is again being answered by another as they say with every fiber of their being, “Yes, He is worthy of my one and only life!”

So, let’s turn the tables for just a moment…here you sit reading this article…maybe this is the start of your day, maybe it’s the end of it…but the question is still the same… “Is He Worthy?” If the answer in your heart is “YES”, or even a small “yes,” stop and take a few moments to write down what you can do over the next week or month to move yourself and someone else forward in that journey. One tangible step is planning with a group to attend Missions Fest Alberta 2020, February 21-23. Take someone with you. I did last year; we wandered through the displays and chatted with people who have their fingers on the pulse of what God is doing in many parts of the world. This group I took had never heard of Missions Fest and it sparked some good and exciting interest and discussion. And a little thought ran across my mind, maybe in 10 years, I will be privilege – to revisit this article for a third time…because when all is said and done, He is worthy!