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Tenacity personified

by Chery,l Edwards


Have you ever experienced the word tenacious? Three powerful words: determination, perseverance and persistence. Vahen King personifies these things. I have witnessed what God has done for this amazing woman.

Her story is a remarkable example of how God can place his hand on the natural and make it supernatural.

What a mighty God we serve. King is an author, speaker, life coach, an ordained minister, and the founder of the non-profit charity, Going Farther.

Although King wears a lot of hats, she remains humble and allows God to lead her where to share her testimony. Many lives are being impacted by her story; what seems impossible to man is possible for God. For God, nothing is impossible.

King can share her story, time and time again, to those who will receive her testimony and be impacted by it. She also has a book called Going Farther which she wrote in 2016. She is an inspiration for me and many more across the globe.

At the age of 23, just one week prior to her engagement, King contracted Transverse Myelitis. This virus left her disabled.

In spite of no longer being able to walk, or run, or even stand, she still maintained her poise and confidence even as she faced this disability. She did not allow it to determine her future. She realized she had to face the ‘new normal’ and push past her pain, fears and insecurities, and strive ahead. King says: “While Transverse Myelitis set me on a path I would never have chosen, it has led me to find strength I didn’t know existed, and into the fulfillment of my wildest dreams.”

In 2017, King had the opportunity to be crowned the first-ever Miss Wheelchair Canada, and went on to the Miss Wheelchair World pageant in Poland, where she took the title of Miss Kindness World.

Just when we think God is done with us, He’s not. He is a God of second chances. He is so gracious, kind and so compassionate as he fashions our hearts and He always knows what’s best for us. It says in scripture, “He will not give us more than we can handle.” That’s the kind of God we serve!

He opened many doors for King, even places that not everyone can go, but God has handpicked her and has set her apart for such a time as this. She has so much to offer and she is a true inspiration.

King lives in Edmonton with her husband Vaughan, who is her anchor and biggest cheerleader. She acknowledges that she’s just a confidently imperfect girl who said yes to God. Her mission now is to ignite hearts with hope and empower and equip others to go farther.

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