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Pastor Milca Kakete: A woman on a mission for Christ

Pastor Milca Kakete: A woman on a mission for Christ

by Cheryl Bernice Edwards


Milca Kakete, originally from Tanzania, is on a mission for Christ – and she makes no apologies.  She is a wife, a mother, and a woman of God, who serves Him with her whole heart.  Kakete ministers through Worship Empowerment Ministry, which encompasses her music, music workshops, media, and Pastoral ministry.  She attributes her successes first to God and then to her family, who have been her backbone.  Especially her husband Shephan, who has supported her through thick and thin.  Kakete believes God has purposed her destiny through her family’s support; when she is out working for God, her husband is working full time and looking after their children.  Her family means everything to her as she fulfills God’s purpose and will for her life and ministry work.

God had placed a strong burden in Kakete to reach the lost through her music ministry. Her life mirrors Isaiah 40:31 – “But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength.” The key word being to wait. Kakete had to wait on God as He asked her to have patience while He was preparing her for the mission’s field. “This was the most trying time of my life that I ever had to experience” says Kakete.  “I felt impatient so many times.” Like Jacob, Milca wrestled with God murmuring, “God you placed this burden in me, so why should I wait?” She realized that her intentions and motives were good, but as she began to compare herself, she began to murmur and argue with God. Kakete felt that she could not wait any longer, yet God was so gracious and gentle. Kakete realized that in all the waiting comes patience and preparation, that in the end was well worth the wait.  For the waiting produced in her: patience, maturity, character and a deeper hope and trust in Christ.  She was so thankful for what she had to endure and came to understand God’s timing is best.

Kakete does not do this for entertainment purposes; her desire is to reach the lost through her music ministry.  God has enabled her to use those giftings for others to receive the salvation of the Lord. This anointed Psalmist has written five albums through revelation and prayer. Kakete worked with the Native community during which time she completed an album, and the power and anointing of God drew that community to worship. The bible talks about obedience being better than sacrifice. As she was writing a song for the album, she again wrestled with God. In the end God allowed her to realize that it’s all about His Glory.

A few months after the CD was released, God healed a man who had HIV AIDS.  God specifically told him to play and worship Kakete’s CD. After he worshipped, he passed out and God revealed he was healed.  He searched for Kakete to share his healing experience through her music.  What a testimony and a mighty God we truly serve!

Kakete’s passion for Christ is truly exemplified through her music.  She desires to travel and reach the lost, especially in women’s ministry; with widows, the hopeless, and those in need.  When she visited her hometown in Tanzania in 2015, her heart was drawn to the rural areas, the villages, sitting with women, cooking, sharing the gospel and demonstrating love and praying for them.  “You feel the love of God through sharing with these amazing women,” says Kakete.

She loves the scripture, “God inhabits the praises of His people. God seeks for people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (See John 4:24).  “This is our temple and we must be that vessel for Christ to use us. This is the worship He requires of us. We must forget about ourselves and let God use us a vessel. Not our will, but His will be done in worship” says Kakete.

We must position ourselves to allow God to freely use us.  During this pandemic crisis, Kakete’s ministry has been accelerated to another level of worship.  Worship is a lifestyle and it must start from within, says Kakete.  “This time of lockdown is a perfect time for an individual to have intimacy with God.”

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