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19/04 April 2019

The cost John Chau was willing to pay

MISSIONS FEST ALBERTA   Dear Friends, Our hearts have been saddened in recent days, to learn of the death of one of our All Nations workers. I’m sure you have heard of this in the news. John Chau died after being attacked by bows and arrows as he attempted to engage with an unreached tribe […]

19/04 April 2019

Dead Sea Scrolls: The latest cave discovery

(Photo Credit: Casey L. Olsen and Oren Gutfeld – Remnants of Parchment when removed from jug found in Q12 Cave)   by Agnes Chung   Few artifacts have captured the curiosity and excitement of Christians and Jews more than the Dead Sea Scrolls, which contain passages of the Old Testament. Every book of the Hebrew […]

18/06 June 2018

The Apostles Creed: the third day He rose again from the dead

by Mark Grilus   That Jesus rose bodily from the dead is a central doctrine of the Christian church. Everything stands or falls on this event. Paul the Apostle states that if Christ is not risen then your faith is in vain, and they are false witnesses (1Corinthians 15:14, 15). He then states that if […]


The Bible, The Gideons, & a culture shift

by Danielle Martell   Tonight is your night. You’re on a long journey and you know you need God. You stop at a hotel, turn the bedside lamp on, settle into bed, open the bedside drawer and reach for the Gideon’s Bible – and lo and behold, there it is, just like you expected it […]