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20/01 Jan 2020

Safe Families Canada: support for families in crisis

by Jenny Schweyer   Jen Francis was working in Costa Rica when she first learned about Safe Families, a faith-based organization that provides temporary homes for children whose families are in crisis. Francis had been intrigued by the concept, and once she returned to her home in Ontario, she couldn’t stop thinking about how beneficial […]

20/01 Jan 2020

Hope Mission served up Christmas fun and food

Hope Mission in Edmonton and Calgary opened their doors to the community and invited families in for Christmas banquets. For people experiencing homelessness and poverty, Christmas can be a lonely time of year. Many people are missing their families and feeling loss, pain, and hurt. At Christmas time, a meal becomes especially significant and not […]

20/01 Jan 2020

Trinity Christian School production, a home-grown effort

A casual chat between colleagues while driving between meetings took Trinity Christian School into unchartered territories. The journey saw students perform, for the first time, a dramatic production with an original script that was written in-house. With a talented staff including Leslie Hedley, it’s hoped Canadian Carol will be the opening act for more of […]


November – Adoption awareness month

The adoption journey by Tandela Swann, AMARIS Adoption and Family Support Services   As November is Adoption Awareness Month, it is a good time to talk about what adoption means for us as Christians as well as what the process looks like for Canadians feeling the call to adopt. When you begin to consider your […]

19/10 Oct 2019

Operation Christmas Child: Salem’s Dream: helping as many children as possible

Time to pack shoeboxes   From her earliest days, 11-year-old Salem Keogh remembers her mother packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for children in need. Now, she’s leading the way for her Calgary family to provide gift-filled boxes for 10,000 children. “You should help as many kids as you can because God loves everyone,” said Salem, […]

19/05 May 2019

The sanctity of human life

by Brian Norton   Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, the number of abortions is numbing – over 100,000 pre-born children are terminated every year in Canada. And for the woman who aborts, she faces the possibility of post-abortion grief and risks to her personal health. However, there is good news. We do not put […]

19/05 May 2019

Take charge at home

by Katie Pearn   Our world has changed. We now live in a time where children are ahead of their parents when it comes to technology and the internet, leaving many parents feeling lost and underprepared for the risks associated with it. Some of these risks, like pornography and online predators, can have very real […]

19/04 April 2019

Fear Not

by Frank Dabbs   Book readers of a certain age, who grew up in evangelical homes, will remember Sunday afternoons when devout parents restricted reading to Christian literature. Staples of Sunday reading included missionary stories, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia tales, Bible-informed family and romance fiction – and John Bunyan’s, Pilgrim’s Progress. First published in 1678, one […]

19/04 April 2019

Helping transform lives for over 40 years

Sonshine Community Services   by Joyce Rempel The most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she attempts to leave her abuser. Emergency shelters in Calgary offer 21 days of support to women and children – but what does one do on day 22? This is where Sonshine Centre steps in. Motivated by their […]

19/02 Feb 2019

Investing hope

by Katie Pearn   When Jim Frantz, founder of Investing Hope Foundation, first visited Colombia in 1986, he could never have guessed the adventure God had planned for him there, or the real dangers where he would need faith in the face of fear. As a student at the University of Minnesota, he was originally […]