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20/01 Jan 2020

Our habits form our loves

by Josh Pruden   Have you ever eaten an unhealthy snack around someone a little more health-conscious than yourself? You may have been met by a disapproving look and a proverb, “You are what you eat, you know.” What the advocates of the phrase mean to say is that good eating is an integral part […]

19/11 NOV 2019

Secret Grief

by Frank Dabbs   The New Testament and the teachings of Christ are silent about abortion, although in Jesus’ day, abortion induced by herbal potions was widely practiced throughout the Roman Empire. It is not silent about the unconditional love, enjoining Christ’s followers to fulfill his law of love by bearing one another’s burdens and […]

19/11 NOV 2019

Cranberries: health benefits

Photo Credit: Nikao Media   by Agnes Chung   Some people may argue that you can’t have turkey without cranberry sauce. I am not a cranberry sauce fan, but I like the holiday berry for its year-round health benefits. It’s a superfood packed with preventative properties. In North America, Indigenous people have long known about […]

19/11 NOV 2019

Hearing loss

by Lilianne Fuller   Psalm 139 tells us that our bodies are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made and you need not look any further than our ears to see the truth of that statement. Our ears are a combination of mechanics and electrical impulses that allow us to hear the faintest of whispers or the roar […]

19/10 Oct 2019

A woman of courage

by Cheryl Edwards   Medgine Mathurin is a woman who exudes strength in the face of pain. She is a woman of courage. Mathurin is 30 years of age, originally from Haiti, and moved to Canada at age 11, and is now living in Edmonton. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor […]

19/09 Sep 2019

Healthy life, healthy lungs

By Lilianne Fuller   The ability to breathe is something we take for granted, until we can’t. For over 10 percent of Albertans, the struggle to breathe is a daily one. Our lungs serve two very important functions. First, and most obvious, they are the means by which we breathe, but lungs also cleanse the […]

19/09 Sep 2019

Those feet were made for walking

By Lilianne Fuller   To maintain good overall health, doctors recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day. In addition, numerous studies declare this is a great way to keep off excess pounds, make our bodies more flexible, and improve mental acuity. But in order to walk 10,000 steps a day, it’s important to protect […]

19/06 June 2019

Lifting up others

by Dr. Dave Currie   ‘To encourage’ by definition means to give support, to foster confidence and to bring hope. The breadth of its current usage in our culture means that to encourage equally means to inspire, to uplift, to stimulate, to spur on, to validate, to affirm, to hearten, to motivate, to back, to […]

18/11 November 2018

The risks of skin cancer

by Lilianne Fuller   When Julia noticed a small growth on her left calf, she didn’t give it much thought. The growth first appeared 16 years ago and wasn’t troublesome. When it started to bleed, she showed it to her family doctor, who then referred her to a dermatologist. Her dermatologist removed a portion of […]

18/11 November 2018

Christians and Cannabis

by Jack Taylor   What do we do with cannabis now that we can’t say it’s illegal anymore? A CBC survey says that 55 percent of Canadians aren’t ready for this even though we already have the highest rates of cannabis usage in the world. What would a survey of our churches say? For medical […]