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20/02 Feb 2020

An unbroken line of faith …..part 2

by Dr. Dave Currie (Read Part 1 here) There are six biblical conditions that are central in transferring your faith to your kids and grandkids. These truths are anchored by two key words: authenticity and intentionality. In part 1, we learned to keep a soft heart towards God; to keep the passion alive in our […]

20/02 Feb 2020

Edmonton’s SART: A ray of hope for survivors of sexual assault

by Danielle Moffatt   Abuse in all its evil forms; physical, emotional, psychological, economical and sexual, are intolerable occurrences that exist like pariahs in the shadows of society. None trumps the other because all seek to deny basic human rights, strip one’s identity, cause shame and engender fear. Despite numerous initiatives aimed at stemming abuse, […]

20/02 Feb 2020

Friendship – viewing Valentine’s Day through an alternate lens

by Marion Van Driel   It’s upon us once more – the day reserved for romantic lovers. Flowers, chocolates, cards with big red hearts, and special dinners are synonymous with Valentine’s. For some, it’s an occasion to express their love in a special way – to nourish their exclusive relationship. But what if you’ve lost […]

20/01 Jan 2020

An unbroken line of faith – Part 1

by Dr. Dave Currie   Seventeen years ago, Canadian Hockey Legend, a true friend, and a man I so look up to, Paul Henderson, gave me this challenge. He said, as I recall, “Currie, you have got to join me in this prayer that we’ll have an unbroken line of Christians in our family until […]

20/01 Jan 2020

Safe Families Canada: support for families in crisis

by Jenny Schweyer   Jen Francis was working in Costa Rica when she first learned about Safe Families, a faith-based organization that provides temporary homes for children whose families are in crisis. Francis had been intrigued by the concept, and once she returned to her home in Ontario, she couldn’t stop thinking about how beneficial […]

20/01 Jan 2020

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, the power of a difficult friendship

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Have you ever had a difficult colleague who profoundly impacted your life? C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, two of the most famous and versatile English writers, had that kind of bond. The companionship between Lewis and the man he called “Tollers” inspired the chapter on friendship (philea) […]

19/09 Sep 2019

Preventing your own divorce

The soft heart approach by Dr. Dave Currie   “I have yet to see a marriage fall apart where both hearts are soft towards God.” Let it sink in. Then, read it again. The message is so true. You can bet your life and future on it. In over four decades of marriage and family […]

19/11 NOV 2019

How we view mental health in the Christian community

by Cheryl Edwards   Mental Illness is a widespread epidemic affecting the lives of many. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association: 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health illness. Mental illness is no respecter of persons and it can affect anyone at any given time. Depression and anxiety, along […]

19/06 June 2019

Lifting up others

by Dr. Dave Currie   ‘To encourage’ by definition means to give support, to foster confidence and to bring hope. The breadth of its current usage in our culture means that to encourage equally means to inspire, to uplift, to stimulate, to spur on, to validate, to affirm, to hearten, to motivate, to back, to […]

19/05 May 2019

A mother’s legacy

by Sharon Simpson   Mothers of all ages can take themselves back to those days when they were caring for infants, toddlers and little children. It is amazing how quickly those memories can flood our minds as we reflect on when we became a mother. There are days that seem like they will never end […]