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19/04 April 2019

The Bible and science: Uranus – Another Gas Giant

(Image Credit: NASA)   by Raymond Strom   Moving out from Saturn, we come to Uranus, the third in the planets categorized as a gas giant. Like the other gas giants, it should not exist for the same reasons. But it does. This pastel-blue coloured planet is unique in many ways. If one believes in […]

19/03 March 2019

The Bible and science: Saturn – The ringed planet

by Raymond Strom   Saturn is a planet that has long fascinated astronomers largely because of its beautiful and amazing rings. As another gas-giant planet, it holds some enigmatic mysteries in its structure. Saturn is made primarily of hydrogen, and as such, the planet has a very low density. Like Jupiter, it really should not […]

19/01 Jan 2019

The Bible and science: Jupiter – The grand planet

by Raymond Strom   Jupiter, the most massive planet in our solar system, is a fascinating object. It is so large, and with its prominent moons, becomes an object easily seen with even the least expensive telescopes or binoculars. It is called a gas giant, because a significant part of its mass is made up […]

18/10 October 2018

The Bible and Science: Mars catastrophism allowed

by Raymond Strom   One only needs to look at the night sky at specific times of the year, and you will notice a bright reddish orb occupying the sky.  It has long fascinated people due to this red coloration, and when viewed through even a moderately powered telescope, you will see variations in the […]

18/09 September 2018

The Bible and Science: Earth, amazing biology

By Raymond Strom   The evolutionary scenario for Earth is that life made its first appearance roughly 4.3 billion years ago. This early life, in its simplest forms, gradually became more complex as time progressed, and ultimately has resulted in man. While in centuries past, the source of complexity has not been known, more recently […]

18/04 April 2018

Venus – Earth-like? … but hot!

by Raymond Strom Venus appears in our sky as the morning and evening star. It is one of the brightest objects in our night sky and is located close to Earth. Little was known about Venus’ physical nature until the last half of the twentieth century. Thick clouds obscure the surface of Venus, so surface […]

18/03 March 2018

Mercury – the small, hot planet with surprises

by Raymond Strom The measure of a good model of any kind is to be able to predict what future observations might turn out to be.  In terms of astronomy, and particularly the solar system we live in, evolutionary astronomy has not done well.  Mercury, the innermost planet is a good case in point. Because […]

18/02 February 2018

Our amazing sun

by Raymond Strom   And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.  Genesis 1:16 Last time we considered the supposed formation of the solar system. We learned that the Nebular Hypothesis is the prevailing theory regarding its […]

18/01 January 2018

Our Solar System

by Raymond Strom   Over the next series of articles, we are going to look and evaluate scientific data regarding our solar system and our “local” astronomical objects. Our solar system is complicated and even current observations of close planets are seriously incomplete.  So even with an incomplete, and arguably fractional data set, evolutionary scientists […]